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Welcome! From family health to community resources, the Polk County Health Center is proud to serve the surrounding communities and be a resource for health and wellness in all aspects of your life.





How Do I?

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Lose Weight, Live Well

According to the CDC, people who struggle with obesity, compared to those of healthy weight, are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, such as:

*high blood pressure
*Type 2 Diabetes
*Coronary heart disease
*Gallbladder disease and many more life altering complications…

Want to change your health patterns? WE CAN HELP!

Do you have a healthy home?

There are many small and easy things you can do to protect your family from injuries in the home. View our Healthy Homes page to learn more about how you can keep your home safe.

How do You Live Well?

What does Live Well mean? At the Polk County Health Center, our goal is to educate and increase public awareness of the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. We strive to help those who live, work and play in Polk County to live longer, more productive lives.

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